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Chandra Ryan

Every shadow, dark alley, and doorway holds a story where a thin gray line separates a hero from a villain. Take an adventure through the darkest corners of an imagined realm, through the brightest colors of a longing heart—where nothing is what it seems and everything has a price.

Pleasant Dreams

Courting Fae

Quarantine Daydreams


Universal Defiance

Dragon Accords

Magic Borne
(Coming Soon)

Black Hills Wolves

The Community

Stand Alone


Reluctant Mate

"I absolutely adored the next addition to the Black Hills Wolves series. Chandra Ryan really has a way with words, and with creating characters who stay with you long after the story is over. I loved the heroine, she consistently made me tear up and the hero was the strong kind of man/werewolf easy to fall in love. Bravo."

Bond Betrayed

"Chandra Ryan does a great job of creating an environment in a short amount of pages, along with believable characters, that can really draw in a reader."
~Snarky Mom Michelle

Long Road Home

"Long Road Home is a sweet m/m coming home story. Hank was one of Magnum’s victims. Kick out because of his sexuality. Hank has been a lone wolf trucker. Drew has invited him back into the pack but understandably Hank has trust issues. They agree that Hank will haul for them while he gets to know Drew and the pack again. Thom is the human farmer that Hank has to pick up goods from. He never expected to find a mate let alone a human one. Watching these two find each other and deal with their trust issues makes for a sweet if angsty story."
~D. Antonio

Kissing Fae

"... Y'all, I so enjoyed this book. It was everything I needed that I didn't know I needed. Ivy is a great female lead. She's funny and straight forward. The guys, well they are tricky little fae and you have to watch what you say to them. Ivy has to get a handle on them really quick. Then we have Jewel. I thought I was really going to hate her but by the end, I really like her and I can't wait to see how her story plays out too. There were some really funny moments in this book. Some really sweet moments too. There were some absolutely steamy sexy times and if you don't like the mm then you probably want to steer clear of this one. It was FIRE!! So if you like funny, Fae, smoking hot sexy times, and just an overall great story, you definitely need to check this one out."
~Anna G